Vietnamese English Translation Services

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VELG’s “Tag-team” translation process for all English-to-Vietnamese translations:

  1. A native Vietnamese translator with a good command of English translates the document from English to Vietnamese.
  2. Our native English-speaking American translator with a good command of Vietnamese edits the Vietnamese translation comparing it to the original English version.
  3. The Vietnamese and American translators do a final edit of the translation together to perfect it.

“Tag-team” translation results in a quick, accurate and precise translation that a native Vietnamese speaker would assume is the original document–not a translation from an English document.

We use the same process for documents translated from Vietnamese to English.

Fields of specialty: We provide language translation services in a wide variety of disciplines from education, health, commerce, science, citizenship, resettlement in the United States, law, politics, culture, history, military, technical subjects, marketing and advertising materials, masters and doctoral theses, and others.

Translation team: VELG is lucky to have a team of translators with a good command of both Vietnamese and English, well-qualified with a bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees conferred by American or Vietnamese universities. VELG has over fifteen years of collective experience translating materials for various clients in the United States as well as in Viet Nam. Our translators are knowledgeable and have professional expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. All are lovers of language and the translation process who take a craftsman’s approach to their work, continuously studying and learning about both their native and second languages. They regularly exchange ideas with other translators through membership in professional translation organizations and take part in language-related conferences and other events in order to continue improving their professional expertise.

Note: We take great pride in our professional American translator/interpreter, who has an excellent command of Vietnamese and is very knowledgeable about Vietnamese culture and people. His expertise enables us to turn out extremely accurate translations that fully satisfy clients’ needs for clear written communication with native Vietnamese speakers.

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