English Classes for Vietnamese and Others

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Intensive English for Adults, Working People and Others




For Vietnamese and others who have few or no American English skills


For all ages Vietnamese and others who have mastered basic, everyday AmericanEnglish and now want to take their American English to the next level


For Vietnamese and others of all ages are ready to move beyond intermediate level and want to improve their American English to near-native level

English for Nail Technicians & Hair stylists

Basic & Intermediate

For nail techs, hair stylists and cosmetology supply store owners

Focuses on practical, situation-based lessons that can be applied in the course of regular work with customers, suppliers and government agencies

English for U.S. Visa Interview at the Consulate/Embassy in Vietnam



Any level

For students preparing to study abroad  & spouses or fiancé(e)sof whose spouse/fiancée petitioner speaks only English

English for Teachers/Students – Mastering American English Pronunciation and Intonation



Intermediate to Advanced Levels

For teachers teaching English as a second language and students and others interested in mastering American English pronunciation and intonation

English for Middle School, High School and College Students


Students Course Objectives

English Grammar, Sentence structure and Punctuation

How to write correct and effective sentences in English
For middle school & high school students

Intensive English Grammar

How to get better scores on the CNM Accuplacer  exam (placement test)
For high school graduates

Paragraph & Essay Writing

How to write well-developed, well-organized paragraphs and essays for a better  GPA
For students from middle school to college level

Reading Comprehension

How to read actively and effectively to achieve better scores on tests
For students from middle school to college level

English placement testing:  Our English placement testing is designed to determine each student’s current level of English ability in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Knowing a student’s current abilities ensures that the student starts studying at the right course level. Placement testing takes about 20 minutes.

Placement testing is free. Students receive level placement immediately.

We offer individual and group classes according to our students’ needs.

Course objectives and curriculum details will be discussed with each student and group during the registration process at VELG’s office.

Class time: Available from Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm Mountain time.

Note:  English courses for U.S. Visa Interview and nail technicians available online.

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